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Vijay Power Control Systems

M/s. Vijay Power Control Systems, a Transformer division was promoted by a group of technocrats in association with the Chairman of the Group, Mr. K.T. Pillai. All matters related to transformer Engineering, quality control/quality assurance and those related to process, methods and manufacture are directly controlled by professionals who are having experience of more that 30 years experience in their respective fields from highly reputed transformer manufacturing companies.

The infrastructure and the equipment installed at our works enables us to handle transformers up to 20 MVA, 132 KV voltage class with an annual capacity of 1200 MVA.

By virtue of the experience of the concerned technocrats, the technology adopted by the organisation is based on the top most organization in the electrical industry. This being so, in the area of design, manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance, it is only on this strength, we can confidently say that our product can be compared to the best in industry. Competence in design has been achieved on the basis of known world-class technology, suitably modified to suit the Indian conditions. To build reliability into the product, the manufacturing methods are also in line with those suited for the technology adopted and to ensure trouble free performance. Lastly the right and best raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. Most of the designs of our transformers upto 33 KV class have undergone successfully type test and special tests at CPRI.

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